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Auto & Truck Heat Shrink Tubing

We offer full specter of heat shrink tubing from PVC to extra heavy duty polyolefin.
PVC and polyolefin heat shrink tubing can both be applied and shrunk in various conventional ways that are simple and easy enough where just about anyone can use them. Shrink temperatures are low enough that no special equipment other than basic heat guns or butane micro torches are needed. Both materials are highly resistant to common automotive, marine and aerospace fuels, as well as many household and electrician cleaning fluids and chemicals.
Polyolefin tubing is highly resistant to flame and abrasions, extremely flexible and has excellent chemical, physical and electrical properties. It also has a low shrink temperature that can be easily marked for identification purposes. Polyolefin heat shrink tubing meets UL, CSA and military specifications.
Like polyolefin, PVC is suitable for low to medium voltage applications. Typical applications for heat shrinkable tubing include: electrical insulation, short circuit protection, cable bundling, color coding or identification, strain relief, mechanical protection, corrosion protection, abrasion protection and more.

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